A Clean Slate

Slate Group Credit has been helping clients navigate the complex world of credit for over 15 years.  Our goal is to legally increase your credit score so that you can fulfill your financial dreams. 

We aim to achieve your goals with a success-based approach and educate you throughout the process.  We provide In-Person Services to clients in the Tri-State Area and Virtual Services to clients across the USA.


Can Slate Help You?

Client Benefits

We advocate for the removal of any negative reporting, including public records, found on credit profiles. We prepare all legal documents and provide court accompaniment.

We utilize various legal restoration techniques to attain the highest credit score possible for our clients.


clean your slate and start building a solid credit profile

We’re Experienced With:

We utilize various legal restoration approaches to attain the highest score possible for our clients.


“I worked directly with  Slate Group Credit on a number of problems in my credit history. There was a firm, short deadline to get this done – and honestly not enough time.  Slate Group Credit worked diligently with me and got the job done. Without their  dedicated support, eye for detail and working through red tape, my goal would never have been reached. I highly – highly! – recommend  Slate Group Credit.

Roberta, NYC Professional

I highly recommend Slate Group Credit for dealing with pesky creditors or surprises on your credit report! Their tenacity and perseverance would not stop until they reached a positive result!  Slate Group Credit provided courteous, professional, efficient and personalized service, and offered flexible pricing that more than paid for itself.

Rafi D., Queens, NY

I discovered I was signed up for a credit card without my knowledge and then charged a membership fee I didn’t hear about until it went to collections.  I discovered it on my credit record even though I never even used or knew about the card!  I spent hours, months and literally years trying to reach the company and get it resolved, to no avail. When I had given up hope, Slate Group Credit   came along and worked their magic and had it wiped off my record in weeks!

RD, Long Island, NY

From the first conversation with  Slate Group Credit, I realized that they  can resolve my credit score problems with the professionalism of  true experts and the integrity of kind and compassionate professionals. They have the perfect combination of tenacity and tact, and are  truly dedicated to  their  work. All of that would have been enough but in addition to that  Slate Group Credit has  the  unique ability to deal with a delicate situation without passing judgement and for a fraction of the price other companies would charge. Slate Group Credit has helped me to restore my credit and continues to coach me for free. I highly recommend them. Five Stars!!!